3 Advanced Tricks to Find Cheap Flight Deals

Do you desire to place no bounds on your wanderlust, but find yourself held back by pricey plane tickets and travel expenses?  It doesn’t have to be this way. With a little effort, you can travel cheap.

Follow these tips to find cheap flight deals:

Don’t Let the Internet See What You Browse

The algorithms of search engines are made to keep track of all searches made from an IP. Search engine giants like Google, sell the information to those who pay for it. Once you search for tickets for specific location a few times, the prices begin to inflate. This is because the websites collect data in form of cache and adjust prices accordingly.

Search incognito to find cheap flight deals

To prevent this, you can browse privately or going incognito. In private mode, cookies refresh automatically. This way, you can hide your searches and prohibit websites from tracking your interest.

Purchase Your Ticket in Advance

The budget airfares change dynamically. The earlier you buy a ticket, the more likely you are to find cheap price. Determine when you can travel, in advance, and purchase your tickets early.

Purchase your ticket in advance to get cheap flight deals

So, how early should you buy your ticket?
According to a study conducted in 2017,  the number of days in advance you should buy your ticket varies by season:

  • In the winter, a maximum of 62 days works best.
  • For the spring, purchasing tickets 90 days in advance was cheapest.
  • In the summer, you should book a flight 47 days ahead of time.
  • And in the fall, tickets were cheapest 69 days in advance.

Opt for Budget Airlines

Nowadays, it’s easy to find at least one budget airline at just about any airport your fly out of. These cheaper airlines are a great way to save on travel expenses. Many people are hesitant to try budget airlines because of extra fees, but by following these tips, you can avoid extra costs and take advantage of cheap flight deals.

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Some budget airlines charge extra for in-flight entertainment. This can be tempting on a long international flight. To avoid giving in to the temptation, load your devices with your favorite TV shows or movies ahead of time. Or try bringing a good book or anything else you know will keep you entertained during a long flight.


Food on budget flights can also be an extra cost. When you know your pocket can’t handle the hefty in-flight luxuries, it’s better to pack yourself an in-flight meal and snacks to nibble on. And don’t forget to bring water to keep yourself hydrated.


Budget airlines are famous for imposing extra charges on baggage. Avoid these extra costs by packing light. Traveling with only the essentials will save you money and be more convenient when you get to your destination.

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Expensive travel costs don’t have to stand in the way of your adventures. By following these tips, you can travel more often for less. If you’re searching for cheap flights, check out Travel Wyn’s deals here.

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