Get a Blast from the Past at Rock Springs

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Visitors at Rock Springs have the opportunity to learn more about the mining and railroad history of Wyoming. The town got its name from the spring that used to run through the town and it also has a surprising amount of cultural diversity. Rock Springs was developed during the growth of the coal mining industry. In 1868, the coal mined in Rock Springs powered the steam engines that traveled the Union Pacific Railroad. After the conversion to diesel and oil power in the 1900s, the coal mining industry died out, but the rich history of Rock Springs is still as alive as ever. Keep reading to find out everything this city has to offer!

White Mountain Petroglyphs

In Wyoming’s Red Desert, the White Mountain is home to hundreds of carved figures that rest along the sandstone cliffs. These petroglyphs were carved into the mountains between 200 and 1,000 years ago. How long they have actually been there is unknown. Many carvings picture animals such as bison and elk, as well as handprints, which give visitors a connection to the past.

Rock Springs Historical Museum

The history museum is located in the original Rock Springs City Hall. The building was built in 1894 from native sandstone. During its life, the building has served as the City Hall, Police Station, and Fire Station. After the new City Hall was built, the building remained empty until 1988 when the Centennial Museum was opened. The building showcases the history of Rock Springs as well as several exhibits on coal mining and railroads.

Weidner Wildlife Exhibit

Roger A. and Jeanne A. Weidner donated their wildlife mounts collection to Western Wyoming Community College. In September 2002, the museum opened, and it currently houses an estimated 125 species of wildlife. The Weiner’s originally donated the wildlife mounts because they wanted to help educate others on the diverse wildlife creatures.

Killpecker Sand Dunes

These majestic sand dunes are located north of Rock Springs and have a large area for off-road vehicles. Additionally, the dunes offer an assortment of buttes and spires, including the Boar’s Tusk. This core of an ancient volcano rises 400 feet from the ground. There is plenty of space to enjoy a walk in the sand, and the dunes are the perfect place to view a beautiful sunset.

There are many reasons you and your family should visit Rock Springs. The town is rich in history and is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and scenery teeming with wildlife. If you’re someone that loves history and nature, then Rock Springs is perfect for you. Don’t waste any time. Book your trip today by visiting TravelWyn. There are countless adventures waiting for you and your family.

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