Most Beautiful Spots in Cody

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Cody, Wyoming was founded in 1896 by Colonel William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody. Buffalo Bill was one of the most famous men in the world by the age of 41. Cody was founded as a hospitality center known as the “Wildwest way into Yellowstone.” The town is located fifty miles from the east entrance and eighty miles from the northeast entrance of Yellowstone National Park. There are many reasons to visit Cody, and the beautiful scenery is just one of them.

Attractions in Cody

Nightly rodeos, gunfight re-enactments, cowboy music, and the world-class Buffalo Bill Center of the West are just a few of the attractions Cody has to offer. Outdoor adventures include rock climbing, mounting biking and hiking, kayaking, fly-fishing, horseback riding, and river rafting. Cody also has three scene byways that offer opportunities to view wildlife and beautiful scenery. The downtown area includes fine restaurants, art galleries, unique shopping, and the historic Irma Hotel.

The Beartooth Loop

The Beartooth Loop takes about half a day to complete and takes you through miles of grasslands skirting Heart Mountain. Following the route takes you across the historic Two Dot Ranch. You may also find your way to the top of Dead Indian Hill. Sunlight Basin, the North Absaroka Wilderness, the Clarks Fork Canyon, and the Beartooth Plateau present a sight of soaring heights, plunging canyons, vistas, valleys, and benchlands.

Turning onto Sunlight Basin Road offers a chance to catch a glimpse of unique scenery. You may perhaps even see coyotes, badgers, and moose. As you pass the rolling hills around the Sunlight Ranger Station, you will see some of the nicest elk winter range in the country.

On Wyoming 296, if you continue westward over the Sunlight Creek Bridge, you will cross over the highest bridge in Wyoming. Keep an eye out for moose and waterfowl in the Swamp Lake Botanical Area. Also, Pilot and Index Peaks come into view as you near the junction with US 212.

The Bighorn Basin Loop

Following Highway 120 south offers 30 miles of broken range and badlands. Turning southwest on 290 takes you up the Wood River Valley. Keep an eye out for moose in the river bottom and elk up on the hillsides. Continuing up the Greyhill River to the Jack Creek trailhead takes you to an access point of millions of acres of wilderness in the Shoshone National Forest. Additionally, traveling south on 120 will take you past the world’s largest free-flowing hot springs.

Visiting Cody, Wyoming gives you a unique chance to witness wildlife and beautiful scenery. With so many places to see, you’ll have a tough time choosing where to go next. With three scenic byways, you can spend days viewing the gorgeous scenery Cody has to offer. You may even catch of glimpse of moose grazing or coyotes out on the prowl when you venture through this scenic town. The beauty of the historic town is reason enough to visit Cody, but don’t forget all the other attractions it has to offer.

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