You Can Save Money On Your Trip Booking Cheap Flights And Hotels – Know How To Do It!


You Can Save Money On Your Trip Booking Cheap Flights And Hotels- Know How To Do It!

Dreams are often vast when it comes to exploring different places. But means are mostly a few for many.

Suppose you think your financial resources are deterring you from fulfilling your dream of exploring more and more places. In that case, we can provide you with some quick solutions for traveling cheaply as flying and accommodations are significant components of your travel budget.

Here we are listing some tips and tricks for booking cheap flight tickets and pocket-friendly accommodations without compromising on your total comfort. A little compromise is acceptable when you can save a more significant chunk of money to spend on other necessities like shopping, dining, fun activities, and more…. isn’t it!?).

Let’s Begin With Tips And Tricks That Can Help You Save A Fortune On Booking Flight Tickets:

1) Book Early and Avoid Weekend Bookings

Early booking can help you save on ticket costs, and this simple rule is known to frequent fliers. No significant disclosure here. Go for at least 30 days pre-booking to lay hands on cheaper deals. Additionally, weekend including Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are the busiest traveling days. So avoid these days. Ideally, Wednesdays or mid-weeks are best to book cheap air tickets.

Also, late-night or mid-day flights are cheaper than early morning and evening flights. Choose your travel time wisely.

Remember, if you can afford to keep your travel day, time, and date flexible; you can save a fortune.

2) Check out Discount Deals Regularly

Ease access to travel search engines on the internet has opened up a new horizon of discounts, deals, cash-back, and offers for flyers. Stay active and keep a close watch on websites of airlines, online travel companies’ sites,s and social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Tip Sign up for newsletters for the RSS feed of these sites to win the gold rush offer.

3) Choose Non-Refundable Ticket Options

By rule, non-refundable tickets are cheaper than refundable tickets. Therefore, once you are sure of a traveling spree, book your non-refundable ticket immediately.

4) Enroll in the Frequent Flyer Program

Frequent flyer program or frequent flyer miles as you may know it is a loyalty program that you earn traveling a particular airline every time. Points earned against your ticket cost get added to your account that is redeemable for cost-benefit on the next booking.

5) Book a Round Trip

Booking a round-trip ticket always helps to save money.

6) Choose Low-Cost Carrier over Luxury Airlines

Choosing luxury airlines would be expensive, undoubtedly. Therefore, select a low-cost carrier to get cheaper tickets. Although luxury would be missing in these airlines, you would reach your destination at half the prices.

Besides reaching your destination flying cheaply, the primary concern of traveling is to have budget-friendly accommodation at your destination/s. Now let us discuss hacks to get the best and cheap hotel deals without spending a bomb.

Hotels, villas, and resorts come at a higher cost than a hostel, couch, or Airbnb bookings. But you need not spend heavily on hotels booking either if you follow our few hacks. We guarantee. These will help you cut the cost of your hotel booking next time you are traveling.

i) Signup for Hotel Newsletter to Stay Updated with Promotional Deals

Most hotels have a newsletter or loyalty program offerings for their regular customers, where they announce discounts and promotional deals. Sometimes they come up with the festival season packages too. By signing up for their newsletters, you would stay updated and can use these deals to lay hands on a great bargain.

ii) Check Out with the Hotel Desk for a Discount

Although you can get great deals on hotel booking through travel booking sites, you can call up the hotel desk or check the hotel’s website for discounts or other benefits. Hotels are many times willing to create an exclusive package along with an additional discount for their regular clients like free breakfast, Wi-Fi, late checkout, and more.

iii) Check Fare Comparison Websites

It is always advisable to check price comparison websites as sometimes the same hotel rooms are charged differently by different agents. This way, you would not be spending extra and may get additional benefits too.

iv) Mention If You Have Stayed Earlier in the Same Hotel

Hotels are likelier to offer a discount to their patrons. Brand loyalty winning brownie points for customers is a time-tested rule. So, pick a chain of hotels that you like and stay on their properties at your destination. This way, you would save money if you are traveling on a personal trip. Even if you are traveling on a business trip, you will earn loyalty points.

v) Try Hotel Booking Apps

Booking through hotel apps enables cheap bookings if you are booking a room at the last moment. Download some apps on your smartphone and keep checking them once in a while to get the best tariffs.

vi) Travel Offseason

If you are traveling for luxury, you can choose off-season to enjoy saving on your accommodation bill. During the off-season, hotels offer more significant discounts as there aren’t many guests.

vii) Make Sure of Advance Booking during Peak Season

If you have to travel during peak season, make sure to book a room in advance. Last moment room booking during the peak season will burn a hole in your pocket. Once you have finalized the destination, book the hotel without any time loss.

viii) Go for Weekdays Booking Instead Of Weekend Bookings

Just like the flying booking, hotel bookings follow the rule of the weekend being expensive than weekdays. Try to book a stay for weekdays instead of weekends, and you would surely save up.

Sometimes you may be lucky enough to enjoy one night complimentary if you book a two or three days stay package.

ix) Choose A Family Room or Go For Extra Bedding

If you are traveling with the family, you can save by booking a bigger room that is sharable amongst 4 to 5 members. Alternatively, you can ask for extra bedding in the same room, which will cost a little higher but would be cheaper than booking a separate one.

Negotiations are Never Outdated

Negotiation is an art, and there is no harm in haggling your way to lay hands on good deals. Politeness can yield good discounts while booking flight tickets or hotels.

Keep track of time and follow some rules. And enjoy pocket-friendly vacations always!!!

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